Hanford dentist discusses the benefits, cost, and process for dental bonding

Improving the appearance of your smile in Hanford doesn’t need to include painful or expensive procedures. Dental bonding can be used for many cosmetic and restorative purposes.

For example, dental bonding can be used to fill cavities. Rather than fill cavities with a silver filling, when using bonding, the filings are practically invisible. Bonding can also be used to fix teeth that are cracked or chipped, to minimize or close gaps between teeth, to alter the shape of a tooth, or even make it longer. Bonding can also be used to make discolored teeth appear whiter and to cover some of the tooth’s root if it begins to show due to a receding gum line.

One advantage to bonding is that it requires little preparation and, typically, no anesthesia. To prepare the tooth for bonding and help the material stick to the tooth, the dentist will roughen it a bit and apply a conditioning liquid. Next, the resin is applied, shaped, and smoothed and a special light is used to harden the material. When the material is solid, the dentist will further shape it. Finally, he will polish the bonding to match the rest of your smile. The entire process takes only 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth.

An additional advantage of dental bonding is that the cost and time requirement of the procedure is less than many other procedures. Some dental treatments, like veneers and crowns, require laboratory time and several office visits. On the other hand, dental bonding can usually be performed in a single visit.

However, it is important to note that dental bonding materials are not as strong and do not last as long as porcelain restorations. Bonding materials can chip or break off the tooth and do not resist staining as well as porcelain.

Dental bonding is often a popular choice for small cosmetic changes, or for temporary fixes while other, longer, procedures are underway. Dental bonding is also effective when used on teeth that have low bite pressure.

If you want to improve the look of your smile, contact Dr. Nikunj Raiyani of the Hanford Family Dental Center to schedule a consultation. Dr. Raiyani will talk with you about your desired results and develop the best plan for your individual case.

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