Men and women in Hanford, CA seek a dentist who provides affordable cosmetic and orthodontic treatments

When teeth are misaligned, patients are often delighted to learn traditional orthodontics is not the only solution. Thanks to advances orthodontics, patients can attain beautiful smiles with affordable cosmetic braces called Six Month Smiles. True to its name, the customized braces are typically worn for six months, sometimes just four, or up to nine months, before optimal results are achieved. The Hanford Family Dental Center team of a well-respected dentist and a highly skilled dental staff is proud to offer an innovative treatment that can transform smiles in Hanford, CA and beyond.

Learning about Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles can deliver beautiful results in less time than traditional metal braces. For patients who want to know more about Six Month Smiles, we recommend scheduling a consultation appointment with our dentist, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani. He will ask them about their smile goals and examine the health of their mouth, teeth, and gums. If Six Month Smiles is the ideal treatment for them, plans are tailored to meet their needs. Then, impressions are taken and they will demonstrate how the teeth fit together. The impressions are used to determine where to place the Six Month Smiles brackets and wires.

The benefits of Six Months Smiles

Six Month Smiles treats malocclusion and crowded teeth as well as misalignment. Patients age 16 and older can enjoy the benefits of treatment including aesthetics. We use Six Month Smiles on the teeth that are visible when smiling. The brackets are clear, and the wires match the color of the natural teeth. In addition to aesthetic benefits, patients notice increased confidence and boosted self-esteem after treatment.

Finding the right solution

Are you looking for an innovative orthodontic treatment to transform your smile? Our team would love to talk with you further about Six Month Smiles during a consultation. Schedule yours today by calling 559-530-8080. In addition to Six Month Smiles, we offer teeth whitening and bonding to give your smile a boost. Both treatments can enhance the beauty of the smile in a single appointment. Together, we can find a treatment that meets your needs.

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