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The team of professionals at Hanford Family Dental Center welcomes patients near Coalinga, CA
The team of professionals at Hanford Family Dental Center welcomes patients near Coalinga, CA to ask our dentist about the cosmetic services provided for patients. Cosmetic dentistry is at the forefront of dental care, providing treatments and opportunities for patients to enhance the appearance of their smiles. Our team – Drs. Raiyani and Marwaha, provide a wide selection of treatment options for patients to consider when interested in improving the appearance (and health) of their teeth!

Cosmetic dental services provided

At Hanford Family Dental Center, we listen to patients to help them choose solutions that work best with their specific needs and budget. We offer quality solutions while also keeping options affordable. We welcome patients to ask about the following treatment options available in our practice.

  • Dental bonding – composite resin bonding is a popular choice for patients who need to repair areas of breakage. It can be used to change the shape of a tooth or cover an area where the tooth has been chipped. Dental bonding is also used for dental fillings when patients have cavities, as it is a more cosmetic approach than traditional silver amalgam fillings commonly used by dentists.
  • Porcelain veneers – when imperfections of the natural teeth exist, and patients want a longer lasting solution than composite resin bonding, they may want to ask about the advantages of using porcelain veneers to enhance the smile. These thin facings are custom fabricated for patients and bonded onto the fronts of teeth to change their overall appearance, shape, and size.
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  • Six Month Smiles – patients interested in combating misalignment of the teeth may want to ask our team about the advantages of orthodontic alternatives such as Six Month Smiles. Instead of using unsightly metal brackets and wires for years, this method instead utilizes tooth-colored and clear components to achieve the same results in a much shorter period of time, offering a more discreet solution.
  • Professional teeth whitening – a brighter, whiter smile exudes not only health but also confidence for patients. We encourage individuals to ask our team about the advantages of using professional products instead of products available over-the-counter. Our professionals can walk patients through the process of brightening the smile with our bleaching products either at home or in the office.
  • Dental crowns – there are times when patients will need to repair their natural smile, and this can be completed with the assistance of dental crowns. These “caps” are fabricated for patients to match the shape, size, and color of their natural teeth to ensure that bonding them over the teeth will blend in with the appearance of the rest of the smile. This is incredibly important when protecting and strengthening a tooth while also ensuring it is cosmetically beautiful. We work hard in matching restorations with the natural smile for seamless integration.
Drs. Raiyani and Marwaha, provide a wide selection of treatment options for patients to consider when interested in improving the appearance
In addition to cosmetic solutions, our team also provides a variety of general and restorative options, including dentures, dental bridges, and implants. Additionally, we take care of the smile with preventative options including cleanings, examinations, and x-rays. All of these, when combined with a trustworthy team of professionals, can help patients achieve and maintain better oral health and wellness for the rest of their lives! We enjoy working with generations of family members to ensure the entire household is enjoying optimal oral health and is maintaining their smile! In fact, preventive care reduces the overall cost of dental health as it reduces the risk of conditions that can become irreversible, costly, or damaging to the overall smile, including cavities and periodontal disease.

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Learn about all Hanford Family Dental Center has to offer for patients who are seeking aesthetic changes to their smiles! Our team of professionals are here to assist patients, including children and adults, with their oral health care needs. We proudly offer general and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family in our state-of-the-art dental facility. Contact the team today at (559) 530-8080 and visit us at 869 W Lacey Blvd Suite 101. We welcome patients of all ages into our practice for comprehensive, quality care.

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

Hanford Family Dental Center

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

At Hanford Family Dental Center we want to give our patients the best and most modern dental care. While dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of dental conditions and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, we add a personal touch to it by understanding that your smile is unique. Through several years of training and experience, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani provides the best and most effective results through personalized and customized care. We work alongside you to help you achieve all your dental goals and desires. Our hygienists JD, Daisy and Jessica go the extra mile to educate you and help ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Although our office environment is modern, our Front Office staff and assistants ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth experience every time you visit us. At Hanford Family Dental Center, everything is about you!

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