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Dental Implants Near Me in Sacramento Ca Area with Drs Nikunj Raiyani and Sukhmani Marwaha
In your search for “dental implants near me in Sacramento CA,” you may have come across several dentist’s offices that market implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures as the premier way to replace missing teeth. Upon closer look, you may have found those dentists don’t actually place the implants. Instead, they refer you out to costly specialists that don’t get to know you and your situation. At Hanford Family Dental Center, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani is pleased to have the training and equipment on-site that allows him to offer every step of the dental implants process under their roof. This feature also allows for seamless care, as well as the ultimate in a convenient and stress-free experience. The Hanford, CA team distinguishes itself from other providers in and around the Central Valley with additional implants systems that make this form of tooth replacement an option for more patients, as well as with the latest precision, comfortable diagnostic technology and medical financing alternatives to lift barriers to your healthiest, most attractive smile.

The process explained

With precision planning, Drs Raiyani and Marwaha know exactly where to place your implants. Proper placement helps to assure the long-term success and functionality of your new and improved teeth. We use digital imaging and intraoral cameras to precisely seeing oral structures, which allow for the most accurate diagnostics and treatment. Additionally, these digital and advanced technologies emit 50% less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays and eliminate the need for uncomfortable processes, such as impression-taking with films and sticky “goo” that isn’t appropriate for patients with a gag reflex.

The process of placing the implant is efficient, low-stress and no-hassle. Drs Raiyani or Marwaha can place these “artificial tooth roots” in the jaw comfortably with anesthetic that numbs the treatment site precisely. Additionally, they can discuss other ways to keep you comfortable should you have anxiety about treatment. We can’t emphasize too much just how well-tolerated and straightforward the procedure is at Hanford Family Dental Center. After the implant is placed and protected with overlying tissues, you’ll wait for it to become a part of you – as the implant joins to the surrounding bone, much like other types of prosthetics such as knee replacements. From there, an abutment or connector piece is added and then your new teeth – crowns, bridges, or dentures, whatever the case may be.

The mini dental implants option

Hanford Family Dental Center is also equipped to place MDI (Mini Dental Implant) systems by 3M. As a type of small-diameter implant, MDIs are suitable to:
  • Stabilize upper dentures
  • Place fixed restorations
  • Provide immediate dentures, as they’re designed for stability in both soft and dense bone tissue
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MDIs open up implant-supported teeth as an option for patients who otherwise may not be candidates for conventional implant systems; for instance, some aging dentures patients or people who are missing all of their teeth may have bone resorption or loss of bone mass. Conventional implants generally require greater bone width to adequately support restorations than MDIs. The minimally invasive process, accordingly, facilitates minimal recovery time, which is also attractive. Patients may even choose to discuss the possibility of “retrofitting” their existing dentures!

Depending on your needs and insurance plan, a portion of treatment may be covered. Our team can also discuss interest-free financing through DOCPAY and CareCredit with you. Call (559) 530-8080 to schedule your appointment at Hanford Family Dental Center.

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

Hanford Family Dental Center

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

At Hanford Family Dental Center we want to give our patients the best and most modern dental care. While dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of dental conditions and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, we add a personal touch to it by understanding that your smile is unique. Through several years of training and experience, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani provides the best and most effective results through personalized and customized care. We work alongside you to help you achieve all your dental goals and desires. Our hygienists JD, Daisy and Jessica go the extra mile to educate you and help ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Although our office environment is modern, our Front Office staff and assistants ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth experience every time you visit us. At Hanford Family Dental Center, everything is about you!

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