Hanford, CA, dental expert explains the advantages of dentures

Denture Tooth Repair Hanford - dental expert explains the advantages of dentures Dentures are a common dental treatment used by individuals who are missing one or more teeth. Dr. Nikunj Raiyani of Hanford Family Dental Center has helped countless patients improve the appearance and the health of their smiles with dentures. Dentists recommend that patients who experience tooth loss have the tooth replaced in order to avoid problems eating or speaking, the teeth shifting, or a sagging facial appearance.

While many patients remember the dentures of their parents or grandparents, it’s important to note that today’s dentures have come a long way. Modern dentures have a natural appearance and are comfortable. Partial dentures can be used when a single tooth or several teeth are missing, while complete dentures are used when an entire arch of teeth are missing. Partial dentures are replacement teeth that are attached to a metal framework that snaps into place and use the existing teeth for support. They can be removed for cleaning and can be adjusted throughout the years to ensure comfort and proper fit.

Most people who are considering dentures will have to decide between dentures, implants, and bridges. While there are benefits to each solution, patients are unique and must decide for themselves which course of treatment is best. Below, Dr. Raiyani explains some of the advantages of dentures:
  • Because dentures are removable, cleaning and caring for them is easy and effective
  • Dentures are less expensive than other dental replacement options
  • Natural and beautiful appearance
  • Restores the function of the smile
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Easy to replace or repair as the mouth changes over time or if they’re damaged
Patients in the Hanford, CA, area considering dentures to replace their missing teeth should call Dr. Raiyani at Hanford Family Dental Center today. Dr. Raiyani will perform an examination and discuss the available options during the initial consultation. Quality dentures and a great smile are only a phone call away.

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