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Hello, I used to fear Dentists for a variety of reasons. You name it, I went through it. I still tend to wait till I have an emergency, but this is the ONLY dentist I will see. I just had an extraction and I walked out amazed, I felt nothing. It was quick and I was totally at ease the whole time. The staff are courteous and very friendly. I highly recommend Hanford Family Dental to anyone, especially if you are afraid, you won't be disappointed

Restore your smile - and your confidence!

Tooth loss can have a devastating effect on oral health, systemic health, your appearance, chewing function, speaking ability, and your confidence. Patients of Hanford Family Dental Care are in good hands with Dr. Raiyani and his team of dental professionals. We have helped many of our patients regain attractive smiles and the confidence they once had by designing dentures that fit well and look beautiful.

Dentures are a removable set of teeth made of high quality acrylic material. They are designed using a variety of images and exact measurements that will achieve the most natural appearance, fit, and bite. For many people, full or partial dentures are the best choice for tooth replacement.

Full Dentures

Full, or complete, dentures are used when an entire arch of teeth need to be replaced. We can create an upper or lower denture, or both, to restore function and natural beauty after tooth loss or extraction. Our patients can choose from two methods of denture treatment:
  • Traditional dentures, are designed when the gums have completely healed after tooth extraction.
  • Immediate dentures, are designed before tooth extraction and placed over the gums to wear as tissues heal. Because there is a great deal of swelling which subsides after the extraction of several teeth, the immediate denture will need to be adjusted frequently. Though there are more visits for adjustments, the immediate denture offers the advantage of a full set of teeth throughout the healing process.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture appliance is designed to restore beauty and functionality when several teeth have been lost or extracted but some natural teeth remain. There are three different types of partial dentures: the cast partial, which has a metal substructure, the full resin denture, which offers a bit more flexibility, and the interim partial, also called a flipper.

At Hanford Family Dental Care, we provide friendly, gentle care in hopes of helping our patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. If tooth loss occurs, we provide treatment aimed at replicating the highest degree of natural appearance and function.

Mini Implants

One of the disadvantages of dentures has long been the potential for instability. The fit of dentures will natural change over time as the structure of the jawbone adjusts to the absence of teeth. Using mini-implants, Dr. Raiyani helps patients enjoy better fitting, more stable dentures for life. The lower denture, in particular, tends to become problematic in the years following tooth loss. Due to the small size of the lower arch and the rate at which bone loss can occur, mini implants, which are smaller than standard prosthetics, are ideal for placement in this area. With just a few implants, a denture appliance can become very stable and comfortable, allowing the patient to enjoy meals and to speak and smile confidently.

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