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Hanford, CA patients who are interested in restoring their smiles after tooth loss may feel overwhelmed at the variety of options that are available to them. Some options are less expensive than others, and some are more temporary than permanent. Finding the best solution to invest in can be difficult, which is why it is important to work with a dentist in the area who can describe the ways in which the smile can be repaired and will have enough information regarding one’s dental history to make recommendations regarding which is best. For many of our patients, either partial or full dentures are a viable solution.

Understanding dentures

Over the years, dentures have gotten a bad rap. When patients think of dentures, they often relate them to the false teeth their grandparents had. However, dentures have improved over the years, and continue to be a popular solution for patients missing one or all their teeth within the dental arch. There are several varieties for patients to consider when thinking about the ways they want to repair their smiles.
  • Partial dentures – partial dentures are a great choice for patients who are seeking a solution for one or several missing teeth within the dental arch. These restorations are a combination of acrylic and metal and include false teeth that slide into place when the denture is put in the dental arch. Our dentists find that partial dentures can be a wonderful, affordable solution for patients who are not ready for more permanent options such as bridges or implants or are preparing for the cost of them down the road. Partial dentures are easy to care for and remove, making cleaning and adjustments simple.
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  • Full dentures – for patients who are missing all the teeth within the dental arch, full dentures are the best option. These offer an affordable way to replace all the teeth and restore function and beauty to the smile. Full dentures are sometimes covered in part by dental insurance which can reduce their overall cost. Patients can also ask the team at Hanford Family Dental Center about financing plans to make these restorations attainable. Full dentures are made of acrylic and are custom fabricated. Our team takes into consideration the desires of the patient in terms of designing their new restoration to improve the overall appearance of the smile. Full dentures are removed and soaked at night to keep them clean and can also be brushed just like natural teeth. When patient opt for full dentures, we walk patients through how to care for them to improve their longevity.
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  • Full dentures with implants – another option that is readily available at our practice and is often overlooked by patients is full dentures with implants. Also called implant-supported dentures, these restorations are like traditional full dentures but integrate dental implants along the dental arch which are used to hold the denture in place. This is the strongest and most durable option for our patients, as it provides unsurpassed stability for enjoying your favorite foods. Patients no longer must rely on suction to keep their dentures in place or struggle with denture adhesives. Instead, the implants hold the denture in place and patients can rest easy that their restoration will not shift or slide. Full dentures with implants can be the most expensive option available but is a reliable and highly desirable solution for patients who not only want to keep their dentures firmly in place but are seeking a solution that will help maintain their jawbone.

Get ready to learn more about tooth replacement options with the team at Hanford Family Dental Center

Patients in and around the areas of Lemoore, Avenal, Coalinga, and Corcoran, CA who are interested in quality dental care and speaking with a dental team that offers tooth replacement solutions are welcome to book a consultation visit with Drs. Nikunj Raiyani or Sukhmani Marwaha at 869 W Lacey Blvd Suite 101 in Hanford, CA. The practice welcomes new patients and can be reached by phone at (559) 530-8080.

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Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

At Hanford Family Dental Center we want to give our patients the best and most modern dental care. While dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of dental conditions and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, we add a personal touch to it by understanding that your smile is unique. Through several years of training and experience, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani provides the best and most effective results through personalized and customized care. We work alongside you to help you achieve all your dental goals and desires. Our hygienists JD, Daisy and Jessica go the extra mile to educate you and help ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Although our office environment is modern, our Front Office staff and assistants ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth experience every time you visit us. At Hanford Family Dental Center, everything is about you!

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