Affordable family dentistry helps our patients from Lemoore, CA maintain healthy smiles

When it comes to oral health, it is so much better to prevent problems than have to go through the pain and stress of urgent conditions like infection or a broken tooth. While we are in the dentistry business, that does not mean we want to spend our days repairing patients' teeth. In truth, we would much rather help you and your family avoid pain and unnecessary cost by performing affordable treatments that protect and preserve your oral health. We are happy to schedule a convenient appointment time today!

One of the aspects of dentistry that we love is helping families who visit our office near Lemoore, CA take charge of their oral health. There are several ways that healthy smiles can be preserved:
  • Brushing and flossing as recommended is a major factor in oral health. We are happy to demonstrate for our patients how they should perform these tasks.
  • Practice mindfulness when choosing foods and beverages. Snacks, in particular, can be tricky because popular choices are often chewy or sticky foods that deposit sugar residue into hard-to-reach places. Sugary or acidic beverages, pose a risk to tooth enamel. To minimize the effects of sugary foods and drinks, brushing or rinsing can be done.
  • Talk with your dentist about a mouth guard if you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep. This habit can wear down enamel and place undue stress on the joints of the jaw.
  • Choose a reputable dental office such as Hanford Family Dental Center to provide your preventative and restorative dental care. Our team receives ongoing training to maintain our skills in the latest techniques.
  • Maintain six-month recall visits. If you are prone to cavities or have active gum disease, we may recommend more frequent exams and cleanings in order to keep unhealthy oral bacteria from damaging teeth and gums.
There is no way to guarantee a lifetime of oral health. It is possible, however, to decrease your risk of dental problems significantly with certain habits. When you visit our friendly team, you receive care and support based on your unique needs. Call 559-530-8080.

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