Manage that sensitive sweet tooth in our family dental center in Hanford, CA

Whether the end of the year holidays or a yummy birthday cake is in your near future, the last thing you want is for sensitivity to get in the way of your sweet tooth. Dr. Raiyani and the team at Hanford Family Dental Center do not promote the overuse of that sweet tooth. We do provide patients from Hanford, CA with the education, the care, and the support they need to keep their smiles in pristine condition.

Sensitivity is more than a minor nuisance

Tooth sensitivity can be a major problem if not handled promptly. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that this condition is telling them something. Sensitivity is not a problem without an origin. It may indicate that a cavity is developing or it may stem from exposure of delicate root surfaces due to gum recession. Sometimes, a tooth may become sensitive because it has a tiny fracture or a loose filling. General sensitivity may occur when teeth have become worn down due to grinding.

Have you noticed that you are chewing on one side more than the other side? Do you sometimes wake up at night with mild tooth pain; a dull ache? Are you routinely taking an over-the-counter analgesic to maintain comfort and ease sensitivity? These are all signs that it is time to visit your dentist. Early care for sensitivity can save you from an emergency visit later.

We provide the care you need for improved comfort

Whether you are an existing patient of Hanford Family Dental Center or a new patient to our office, we are happy to schedule a convenient appointment time for you. When you visit with our friendly staff, your smile will be given our focused attention. With intraoral cameras and treatments such as tooth colored fillings, we can quickly identify and repair issues that are keeping you from the comfort you deserve.

In most cases, dental problems make themselves known in very subtle ways. Sensitivity is a common complaint that precedes a persistent, intense toothache. Contact our office at (559) 530-8080 today to avoid pain and potentially costly repair.

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