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Gum Disease Hanford - Understanding Gum Disease Understanding Gum Disease
Gum disease is a common condition for which both children and adults are at risk. The American Academy of Periodontology reports that tooth loss in adults over the age of 35 is most commonly the result of gum disease. In addition to posing a significant risk to long-term oral and systemic health, one of the major concerns about gum disease is the initial mild nature of the progressive infection in the gums.

Millions of people may notice a bit of blood in the sink when they brush or floss, or may struggle to keep their breath fresh throughout the day. These seemingly explainable problems can actually be attributed to gum disease and should not be taken lightly. If changes in the gums occur, such as bleeding, tenderness, or swelling, patients of Hanford Family Dental Care are encouraged to contact our office for a thorough examination and possible treatment for gum disease.

Early treatment of gum disease is the key to cure

Treatment for gum disease can reverse the infection process in the earliest stage of the condition. Early treatment is vital if damage is to be stopped. However, if gum disease progresses past its initial stage of gingivitis, the condition will need to be managed indefinitely.

Efficient treatment is the key to long-term health

Multiple studies have confirmed the link between gum disease and general health. When gum disease is not treated, there is an increased risk for health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. The good news is that treating gum disease is not complicated. With the right procedures and effective home care, the bacteria that trigger gum disease can be inhibited from causing further damage.

In the past, gum disease was most commonly treated with surgery. Due to the immense amount of knowledge your dentist now has about gum disease, there are techniques available for care that is more conservative. By addressing the earliest signs of inflammation in gum tissue with periodontal cleaning and possibly antibiotics, Dr. Raiyani enables his patients to fight gum disease with the best possible tools.

At Hanford Family Dental Care, gum disease treatment may include procedures such as scaling and root planing, which remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from pockets that have formed around teeth. We also discuss with patients the changes that they may need to make in their daily oral hygiene routine to inhibit further bacterial growth.

There is no secret to keeping your smile healthy. We are happy to share our knowledge with our patients and to empower them to achieve lasting oral health. Schedule your visit with Dr. Raiyani and his friendly dental team at (559) 530-8080.

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