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Kids Dental Care for Healthy Teeth Hanford CA area
All patients, regardless of whether they’re six years old or 60 years old, can benefit from proper, consistent brushing, flossing, and routine check-ups; however, Hanford Family Dental Center also knows that young patients have unique needs and characteristics. Dr. Nikunj Raiyani and the dental team know how to speak with these patients in a way that eases their fears, builds trust, and motivates them to create and maintain the habits that contribute to oral health. Kids’ dental care for healthy teeth in Hanford CA at our office also involves specific treatments that focus on preventing decay and disease.

All teeth are important

At Hanford Family Dental Center, we take early visits very seriously while still providing a fun environment for kids and their families. You may have heard that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that caregivers schedule their child’s first dental visit as soon as the first tooth comes in (no later than the baby’s first birthday). At around six months of age, baby teeth typically start to break through the gums. You’ll probably see a lower front tooth come in before any other teeth. Starting at around your child’s first birthday, and well into his or her teens, these baby teeth will make way for permanent, adult ones. While they are not designed to last like adult teeth, baby teeth need to be healthy and require consistent care because they:
  • Reserve the right amount of space for larger adult teeth
  • Give structure to your child’s face
  • Help to prevent bite problems and misalignment by guiding adult teeth into place
  • Support clear speaking and good nutrition during a child’s formative years
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The loss of baby teeth early due to childhood decay can have far-reaching consequences for your child’s development. Children may reject foods due to the pain caused by tooth decay, which increases the risk of their being deficient in certain nutrients. Decay-related pain can also interfere with your child getting the quality sleep he or she needs to stay healthy and happy. Your child may carry early childhood dental problems with them into adulthood; crowded, crooked teeth may require braces or other orthodontic treatments, while decayed or infected baby teeth can cause stubborn or very dark discoloration of underlying permanent teeth that may require restorative treatments like veneers.

Hanford Family Dental Center sees all check-ups as opportunities to empower patients to take great care of their teeth. Until your child is around seven years old, you may need to brush and floss for them, or at least supervise them to make sure they are cleaning their teeth well (and aren’t eating toothpaste!). Since healthy teeth depend on healthy gum tissue for support, take great care to assure that children are also cleaning their gums and other oral tissues where decay-producing bacteria can accumulate, including the tongue. We demonstrate good techniques that you and your child can take back home with you, because it’s not sufficient to brush twice a day and floss daily. It’s important to brush and floss well. You know children are caring for their teeth well when they:
Baby boy sitting on the Dental chair in Hanford CA area
  • Brush outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of each tooth for at least two minutes. Set a fun timer or a child’s favorite 2-minute video or song, to help keep track of the amount of time spent brushing.
  • Floss all surfaces of every tooth. Pay special attention to the areas behind and around the molars or back teeth. Food tends to get trapped in their grooved and pitted surfaces. Disposable flossers and picks are handy for kids to use and come in fun colors and designs.
The ultimate test of great tooth care comes when your child is cavity-free during his or her 6-month check-up. That said, even with the best tooth care, some families may be prone to developing conditions such as gum disease as there is a genetic component. Because Drs. Raiyani and Marwaha focus on general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family, they get to know each family and their unique risks. This knowledge affects early preventive treatments and care; for instance, dental sealants may be recommended for children as soon as their molars begin to erupt – at around six years of age. Sealants are thin layers of plastic that protect back teeth from decay by keeping out the food and bacteria that get caught in their grooved, uneven surfaces.

Kids’ dental care for healthy teeth involves different habits and products, personalized to each patient’s unique needs. Call (559) 530-8080 to schedule an appointment at Hanford Dental Center in Hanford, CA.

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

Hanford Family Dental Center

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

At Hanford Family Dental Center we want to give our patients the best and most modern dental care. While dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of dental conditions and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, we add a personal touch to it by understanding that your smile is unique. Through several years of training and experience, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani provides the best and most effective results through personalized and customized care. We work alongside you to help you achieve all your dental goals and desires. Our hygienists JD, Daisy and Jessica go the extra mile to educate you and help ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Although our office environment is modern, our Front Office staff and assistants ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth experience every time you visit us. At Hanford Family Dental Center, everything is about you!

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