Experienced dentist provides kids dental care for Hanford CA residents

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Kids dental care Hanford CA with Hanford Family Dental Center
Hanford Family Dental Center isn’t just for adults. We provide kids’ dental care as well. Dr. Nikunj Raiyani believes that great oral health starts when your tot is still tiny. That’s why Hanford Family Dental Center offers pediatric dentistry as part of the services we provide for you and your family. If you are in the Hanford, CA area and are looking for a dentist to serve all your family, you’ve found the right spot!

Why use a dentist trained in pediatric care?

  • The earlier a child begins going to the dentist, the better. Dental problems often start early. A dentist with pediatric experience can also provide special preventive care and offer advice on items such as bottle tooth decay, prolonged thumb sucking, and future orthodontic care.
  • Any new experience can be anxiety inducing to children, including dental visits. We have designed our environment to help soothe and comfort your child. We strive to make the experience fun and positive. A child can learn at an early age that the dentist is an important part in maintaining great teeth and gums.
  • Oral hygiene education. We are experienced in teaching even the youngest children how to care for their teeth and gums. Preventive care and education are the two biggest ways to combat dental problems.

Some services we offer:

  • Oral health exams geared towards your child’s needs, age, and personality.
  • Preventive dental care, including fluoride treatments.
  • Repair of cavities and tooth defects.
  • Early assessment for orthodontic care.
  • Parent education on oral hygiene for your child. This can include the best foods, drinks, and habits to encourage or discourage in your child.
  • Gum disease treatment.
Hanford Family Dental Center wants to give your entire family a lifetime of outstanding oral health. Give us a call at (559) 530-8080 today to schedule a consultation.

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