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Best Root Canal Therapy in Hanford, CA Individuals in the Hanford area may be unnerved to learn that their tooth pain will be best treated with root canal therapy. Dr. Raiyani wants his patients to know that root canal therapy as it is performed today, with local anesthetic, can be completed without discomfort.

Root canal therapy explained

Root canal therapy is the procedure recommended for the elimination of severe infection or decay. Infection in the pulp of a tooth can cause a great deal of pain and poses a risk to surrounding structures. Due to the potential for extensive damage reaching the jawbone or even the head and neck, treatment for infection in a tooth is essential.

The root canal procedure does not begin until the area has been numbed with medication. When the patient is comfortable, we proceed to remove decay using the same method as that for a dental filling. An opening is then made to allow access to the pulp chamber. Infected tissue is removed with tiny instruments. After cleansing and sterilizing the root canal, the opening is sealed and a temporary restoration is placed over the tooth. In a follow-up visit, the final crown restoration will replace the temporary crown, protecting the tooth from cracks or fractures.

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Root canal therapy is a very common procedure. It has a reputation of being undesirable and painful. But when done properly it is actually painless. Every tooth in your mouth is composed of a crown and a root. When a cavity or bacteria penetrates the tooth, the root and its nerves become irritated. As a result, the bacteria within the pulp cavity needs to be removed and cleaned in order to restore the tooth to its healthy state. Following the procedure, the tooth is fragile and consequently is restored with the natural crown for a lifetime of durability. Root canals have a success rate of 95% or greater. Most root canal are diagnosed by patients’ sensitivities to a specific tooth. Be sure to consult your dentist any symptoms or discomfort occur.

What our patients say about Root Canal Therapy

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I am terrified of dentists. The entire staff did an outstanding job of putting me at ease. My treatment was painless. I am thrilled to have found a dentist I feel comfortable with.
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Benefits of root canal therapy

Infection in the core of a tooth can lead to serious problems that require extensive treatment or even surgery to repair. Your dentist eliminates not only infection but the pain that has resulted from inflammation.

Do you need root canal therapy?

There are often symptoms that alert a person to trouble. These include:
  • Severe, persistent toothache
  • Swelling in gum tissue
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Discoloration or darkening of a tooth
  • Sores or pus on the gums
While pain and other symptoms are good indicators of a dental problem, it is also possible that no symptoms will occur. Regular dental visits are an essential part of avoiding dental problems that may lead to root canal therapy.
If you are experiencing symptoms of a dental problem or have not seen your dentist in the past six months, we encourage you to call to schedule your visit with Dr. Raiyani at Hanford Family Dental Care.
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