Advantages of Treating Damaged Teeth with Root Canal Procedure

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How To Save Damaged Teeth Near Me In Hanford CA
Your teeth sustain a lot of wear and tear during your lifetime. Your teeth may become damaged from decay, tooth infections, or gum disease as you age. Traumatic injuries can also cause extensive tooth damage, resulting in losing one or more teeth. A root canal is one way your Hanford, California dentist can save damaged teeth to avoid having them extracted. At Hanford Family Dental, we provide root canal treatments to residents of Hanford, California, and neighboring communities.

How Root Canals Work to Save Damaged Teeth

Good oral hygiene and routine dental care can help preserve the health and quality of your teeth well into your senior years. Many people, however, have one or more teeth extracted during their lifetime. Root canals help repair damaged teeth to avoid unnecessary extraction.

An infection can spread down to the roots in a severely decayed tooth, destroying the pulp and surrounding tissue. Root canal treatment entails drilling the decayed tooth and removing the infected tooth pulp to stop the infection. Once the pulp has been removed, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani will cleanse and disinfect the tooth canals to prevent the spread of bacteria to adjacent healthy teeth. We’ll then fill the tooth with a special filling called gutta-percha, seal it to prevent further infection, and place a crown or onlay on top to restore its usefulness. The crown or onlay will strengthen the structure of your tooth to avoid breakage when using it.

Root canals are performed under anesthesia, so you feel no pain or discomfort during treatment. Upon completion, your tooth will be as good as new.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

Working with an experienced root canal dentist like Dr. Nikunj Raiyani improves your chances of successful root canal treatment. The most significant benefit of this treatment is saving the tooth from extraction. The following are some additional advantages of undergoing root canal treatment:
  • Stops infection from spreading to healthy teeth
  • Repairs damaged teeth and restores their usefulness
  • Preserves your smile and protects oral health by saving your natural teeth
  • Affordable treatment that eliminates the need for replacing lost teeth with prosthetics
Most dentists try to save natural teeth whenever possible to spare their patients the trouble and expense of replacing them later down the line. Extracting teeth puts your oral health at risk, as your teeth may shift out of position to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. This can impair your bite and affect how you chew. Extracting teeth will also leave unsightly gaps in your smile. Depending on the damage to your smile, you may require extensive restorative treatment to replace missing teeth.
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Root Canal Dentist Near Me in Hanford, California

Root canal treatment by Dr. Nikunj Raiyani can help you avoid tooth extraction and the resulting complications that arise with losing natural teeth. To learn more about our root canal procedures or determine if this treatment is a good option for you, contact Hanford Family Dental Center in Hanford, California, at (559) 530-8080.
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