Hanford, CA, dentist explains root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy Hanford CA - Hanford, CA, dentist explains root canal Many individuals hear the phrase, “root canal” and are immediately filled with dread. The thought of undergoing root canal therapy can be frightening, but in fact, the procedure improves a dental condition and relieves pain. The misconception that root canals are painful is perhaps one of the dental industry’s most common myths. Because of this, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani explains the process of root canal therapy.
  • Root canal therapy can save a tooth. In many instances, root canals are performed on a tooth that has become infected, has a large cavity, or has nerves that are diseased. Additionally, teeth that are abscessed may need a root canal as well.
  • Root canals do not cause pain. Most patients come to the dentist because they are experiencing intense pain. This is because an infection inside the tooth is affecting the nerve, which increases the severity of pain. The root canal procedure itself will performed using anesthesia and is no more painful than a simple cavity filling.
  • In other cases, the problem is spotted through an exam or x-rays. When a patient is not experiencing severe pain he may learn that a root canal is necessary following an x-ray that shows the infection. Even if the patient is not in pain it’s important to have the treatment done before the decay gets worse and puts the tooth at greater risk.
  • During the root canal, Dr. Raiyani will drill a hole into the tooth and remove the infected tissue from the canals and pulp chamber. He disinfects the tooth and then fills it . Because the nerves are removed, patients will lose feeling in that tooth; however, the tooth will still function as it did before.
  • The tooth may become more following a root canal. To protect the tooth from breaking, it will be capped with a dental crown. These crowns are custom made to be an exact match in shade and shape to the natural tooth.
Dr. Raiyani and his team at the Hanford Family Dental Center in Hanford, CA, have performed countless root canals and have helped many patients save a tooth before it is too late. For more information about root canals, call our office today.

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