Root canal treatment a cost our patients near Lemoore, CA may be able to avoid

Even if you have never had a root canal, chances are you know you want to avoid this treatment. We agree! It is not that root canal treatment is painful, because it isn’t. The cost of treatment is also very affordable for most people who visit our office near Lemoore, CA. The reason we would like to help patients avoid root canal therapy is that we can!

Root canal 101

The root canal is a part of the innermost area of the tooth, where blood vessels and nerves lie. When a tooth is healthy, these structures remain intact and comfortable. Root canal therapy is a procedure that is performed in instances of infection or injury to the innermost tissue. This delicate process involves tiny instruments and a great deal of skill. The intent of root canal therapy is to restore comfort, repair damage to the overall structure of a tooth, and to prevent the need for extraction.

Causes of infection

Unfortunately, root canals are often performed to eliminate infected pulp tissue. Why is this unfortunate? Because infection does not start at the root, it progresses from a very small cavity that could have been repaired with a minor filling procedure.

Tooth decay is a progressive problem. A cavity develops slowly as a shallow depression in the outermost layer of a tooth. Typically, at this point, the only indicator of damage is slight sensitivity. Due to overlooking sensitivity, many people do not receive the treatment that could stop infection before extensive damage is done. As enamel erodes, softer dentin is reached by oral bacteria and infection moves quickly toward delicate pulp tissue. Once bacteria have invaded this part of the tooth, the only path toward comfort is to remove the pulp tissue.

Causes of injury

Pulp at the center of the tooth is damaged when an injury causes the tooth to break. This may occur if a tooth becomes dislodged or fractured in a fall or trauma such as an auto accident. Injured dental pulp occurs far less often than infection.

Although we would like to help you avoid root canal therapy, we also want you to know that this restorative procedure is nothing to fear. Our team has extensive experience in the precision techniques that keep you comfortable as we repair tooth damage.

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Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

Hanford Family Dental Center

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

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