Dentist who provides Six Month Smiles explains the cosmetic as well as other benefits of clear braces

In the past two decades, straightening teeth has come a long way. More attention is given to the appearance of the smile. Traditional metal brackets and wires are no longer the only option for straightening the teeth. An orthodontic treatment called Six Month Smiles can provide cosmetic as well as many other benefits. Dr. Nikunj Raiyani and the skilled team at Hanford Family Dental Center provide the clear braces to patients in Hanford and the surrounding areas. We are happy to highlight several benefits of Six Month Smiles:
  • Treatment length – True to its name, it takes about six months to achieve optimal results. Sometimes treatment length varies from four to nine months. Traditional orthodontic treatment can last a year or more. With Six Month Smiles, the emphasis is on the appearance of the teeth rather than bite position, so treatment length is shorter than that of traditional metal braces.

  • Aesthetics – The wires and brackets are designed to match the natural color of the tooth enamel. The braces blend nicely with the smile as they gently move the teeth.

  • Convenience – Patients can have clear braces after two dental appointments and the smiles of their dreams in less than a year.
Patients as young as 16 can enjoy the benefits of Six Month Smiles. We recommend the treatment for mild to moderate tooth misalignment, malocclusion, and crowded or overlapping teeth. Do you want to explore your candidacy for Six Month Smiles? At your initial consultation, the mouth, teeth, and gums are thoroughly examined and your medical history is reviewed. X-rays, facial photographs, and impressions may be taken of the mouth. The impressions are used to determine where to place the Six Month Smiles wires and brackets. We send these molds to the Six Month Smiles laboratory where technicians create individualized tray kits to ensure proper placement of the brackets. Once the kits arrive, the customized brackets and wires are placed on your teeth.

Is it time to go after the smile of your dreams? Our team can help. Call (559) 530-8080 today to schedule a Six Month Smiles consultation with Dr. Raiyani.

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