What is the best way to whiten teeth in California to enjoy a bright, beautiful smile?

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Learn more about professional teeth whitening in Hanford Family Dental Center
Do you want to know the best way to whiten the teeth for a bright California smile? Are you ready to enjoy a smile free from discoloration and staining? Have you been unhappy with the results you’ve achieved with over-the-counter whitening kits? If this sounds like you and you live in the Hanford, California area, we encourage you to connect with Drs. Nikunj Raiyani and Sukhmani Marwaha today and book an appointment to discuss the advantages of professional whitening solutions.

What is professional whitening?

When patients are interested in whitening their smiles, they often turn to their local drugstore to invest in whitening kits over-the-counter. However, many of these have low concentrations of bleaching agents and provide little, if any, results. Instead, we encourage our patients to consider the advantages of using professional options. At our practice, we offer two methods for patients to consider:
  • Take-home whitening kits
  • Zoom WhiteSpeed in-office bleaching system
Both provide impressive results, though in different timeframes. The take-home kits allow patients to control the whitening process. It provides a more gradual improvement in the smile over the course of several weeks. Our in-office treatment, however, achieves the result the same day. Whitening of the smile can reach up to eight shades whiter with just one service. The results are long-lasting, though some patients prefer to combine the in-office power bleaching with the take-home trays to maintain results even longer. Our team of professionals invite patients to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation to discuss which treatment is most appropriate for their specific desires, and decide if integrating both options is in their best interests.

Learn about the best way to whiten the teeth with professional solutions!

Drs. Nikunj Raiyani and Sukhmani Marwaha of the Hanford Family Dental Center work closely with patients to provide them with a wide range of cosmetic solutions for common dental concerns. If you are struggling with staining and tooth discoloration and want a bright smile to feel confident, we encourage you to book an appointment today by calling (559) 530-8080. We welcome new patients into our practice conveniently located in Hanford, California.

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