Hanford CA family dentists brighten your smile with teeth whitening that really works

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Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening in Hanford area
Dr. Nikunj Raiyani and the entire friendly, energetic dental team, are happy to offer a range of services in general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. Patients across the age spectrum often desire a whiter smile. You, too, can reverse age-related stains or discoloration brought on by foods and products like tobacco, coffee, and tea. Options to brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Hanford, CA are further customized to your needs and personal preferences.

The power of in-office whitening

In-office whitening is known by many names, including “chairside” and “power” bleaching. Any references to “bleaching” refer to treatments that make your teeth look whiter than their natural color. Hanford Family Dental Center uses a specific type of power whitening system, known as Zoom! WhiteSpeed. This system’s proprietary technologies help to speed up the whitening and achieve dramatic results, with little to no sensitivity.

To further protect your teeth and gums (and assure even application of the whitening product or gel), Drs Raiyani or Marwaha apply a rubber dam over your mouth, which is then followed by application of a Hydrogen Peroxide-based whitening gel. Most over-the-counter products either don’t contain proven HP or Carbamide Peroxide or, if they contain these ingredients, they’re typically present in very low concentrations. For this reason, the array of whitening toothpaste and kits sold at stores often don’t work, or don’t work well enough to produce noticeable results.
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The oxygen molecules in professional whitening gels react with the discolored molecules that make your teeth look brown or yellow, breaking the bonds that hold stains together. As the molecules spread out, the entire tooth is whitened.

Your dentist uses an advanced blue LED light to activate the HP whitening gel and accelerate the process. And, while stains may have built up over years, Zoom! WhiteSpeed can eliminate this discoloration in an hour – after a single visit.
  • Technology equipped with variable intensity settings means the Hanford Family Dental Center team can customize the level of whitening to your needs and goals.
  • Since treatment is so customizable, the team can also manage tooth sensitivity that varies from patient to patient.
  • The makers of Zoom! WhiteSpeed, Philips, report 99% of patients had little to no sensitivity-related discomfort.
  • The technology is FDA-cleared, and clinically proven to get results – a smile that is up to 16 shades whiter.
To assure your comfort post-treatment, Relief® ACP gel may be applied. This oral care gel is formulated with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, which helps to protect tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity. The gel may also be used with home whitening treatments for the ultimate in comfort.

Whitening on your schedule

Whitening on your schedule in Hanford area
You may prefer to gradually whiten your teeth, from the comfort and convenience of home. Trays are molded to your mouth. So, they fit snugly and comfortably for a pleasant experience and even, precision whitening.
  • Hanford Family Dental Center will walk you through how to prepare, wear, and maintain your trays.
  • Generally, each tray is loaded with a whitening gel.
  • The tray is placed in your mouth.
  • You’ll wear the tray either while you sleep or for a few hours each day.
  • If you opt to wear trays thorough the night, the bleach is generally milder than if you want to whiten while reading a good book or checking work emails.
  • Afterward, the tray is removed from your mouth. Brush your teeth well to remove excess gel. Rinse thoroughly to avoid swallowing the whitener.
  • Trays can be kept in top shape by cleaning them with a soft brush and cool tap water. Hot water can cause the material to warp.
  • When not in use, keep the tray in the storage case provided to you by your dentist.

For the long life of your healthy, beautiful smile

After you see a remarkable whitening boost in the look of your smile, you’ll want to keep those stunning results. Drs Raiyani and Marwaha and the team are happy to discuss ways to keep your teeth their healthy, dazzling best. Effective brushing and flossing techniques are a must to remove surface stains. Fibrous foods such as apples, pears, and carrots are natural “scrubbers.” Chewing these foods also stimulates the production of nature’s cleanser: saliva.

Since oral health is often reflected in the appearance of your smile, Hanford Family Dental Center will assure stains and discoloration are not secondary to a condition that requires a restorative treatment, such as tooth decay. Call (559) 530-8080 to schedule your next check-up at the Hanford CA office.

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

Hanford Family Dental Center

Dr. Nikunj Raiyani

At Hanford Family Dental Center we want to give our patients the best and most modern dental care. While dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of dental conditions and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, we add a personal touch to it by understanding that your smile is unique. Through several years of training and experience, Dr. Nikunj Raiyani provides the best and most effective results through personalized and customized care. We work alongside you to help you achieve all your dental goals and desires. Our hygienists JD, Daisy and Jessica go the extra mile to educate you and help ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Although our office environment is modern, our Front Office staff and assistants ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth experience every time you visit us. At Hanford Family Dental Center, everything is about you!

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