Local dentist in Hanford explains effective teeth whitening methods

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Dentist in Hanford Explains Effective Methods for Whitening Teeth
If you want to enhance your smile, teeth whitening is an excellent choice. The procedure is quick, cost-effective, and provides results that are really stunning. At Hanford Family Dental Center, we offer two methods of professional teeth whitening: in-office and at-home. In-office treatment uses specialized light technology combined with a whitening agent to lighten the teeth in just a single visit. At-home trays are custom-fitted so patients can brighten their smile in the comfort of their home.

Reasons for teeth whitening

While most people think of teeth as being white, natural tooth enamel can vary greatly in shades. Over time, enamel can become stained or darken for a variety reasons including:
  • Certain medications
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Trauma/injury
  • Stain causing foods and beverages
  • Aging
  • Excess fluoride
Teeth whitening is best used for extrinsic stains that develop on the outer layer of enamel, although it can also be used for intrinsic discoloration.

In-office whitening

Professional, in-office whitening begins with the application of a strong bleaching agent to the surfaces of the teeth. The strength of the bleaching in professional whitening is much stronger than over the counter products. Once on the teeth, the whitening gel will be activated with a special light that helps it break up stains both on and beneath the enamel. The gel also oxidizes the dentin which allows the teeth to appear brighter. The entire procedure takes about an hour.
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At-home whitening

Some patients prefer a more gradual approach to whitening which is why we offer professional-strength at-home kits. We provide patients with custom fabricated trays that fit comfortably in the mouth. Each day the patient will apply the whitening gel to the trays and wear them as directed. After a few days, the smile will begin to be visibly whiter and brighter.

Important things to know about teeth whitening

  1. It’s versatile. Teeth whitening can be an effective solution for patients who are gearing up for a big event, preparing for a job interview, or simply someone who wants to rejuvenate their smile.
  2. You can experience sensitivity. While the majority of people experience little to no sensitivity, it is a potential risk. This is one of the top reasons to choose whitening from a dental professional. If your teeth are sensitive, we can recommend methods for managing it.
  3. Results are long lasting. Teeth whitening can be permanent if patients maintain good oral hygiene and try to avoid certain habits and stop consuming stain causing foods and beverages. At home trays can be used for periodic whitening touch-ups if some staining does occur.
  4. It’s economical. Teeth whitening is one of the most cost-effective cosmetic treatments available and the results can be dramatic.
  5. It’s safe. Research and clinical studies have shown that teeth whitening under professional supervision is a safe procedure. Patients can trust that they are in good hands when they are receiving this from their Hanford dentist.

Getting started with teeth whitening

Getting started with teeth whitening
If you think that your smile could use a quick, affordable upgrade, the first thing to do is call Hanford Family Dental Center today to schedule a teeth whitening consultation. During this appointment, we can confirm if your tooth discoloration will respond to teeth whitening and if you are in good oral health prior to undergoing treatment. Patients with gum disease or tooth decay will need to have that addressed prior to cosmetic teeth whitening.

Once we determine that you are a candidate for teeth whitening, you can choose in-office or at-home whitening. When you choose in-office whitening, you will leave with the vibrant white smile that you’ve been dreaming about. If you choose at-home whitening, you’ll be well on your way to a vivid smile if you wear your whitening trays as instructed over the next several weeks.

The benefits of a whiter smile are proven. Individuals with vibrant, attractive smiles are perceived as successful, friendly, approachable, and happy. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s time to stop hiding your smile and start showing it to the world. If you are in the Hanford area, we invite you to call us at 559-530-8080 to schedule an appointment to find out how teeth whitening can benefit you.

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