Hanford, CA patients think teeth veneers cost is worth it

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When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the smile you see, or do you cringe at the sight of chips, stains, or uneven teeth? Veneers can give you the beautiful smile that you deserve. Dr. Nikunj Raiyani, located in Hanford, CA, believes that the issues that veneers can fix and the benefits of veneers make the cost worth it.

Veneers are:

Veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that recreate the natural look of your teeth. Porcelain resembles your natural tooth enamel the closest. Veneers are a great option for correcting certain issues.

What veneers help:

  • Discolored teeth.
  • Worn down teeth.
  • Chipped and broken teeth.
  • Misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth.
  • Fill in gaps between teeth.

Benefits of veneers:

  • Because veneers are made to match your mouth and your existing teeth, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the veneer and a natural tooth.
  • Stain-resistant. Your veneers won’t stain from coffee and tea due to the materials they are made from.
  • Whiten. Even the most stained or darkened tooth can have a white appearance with a veneer.
  • Can cover minor gaps and alignment without the use of orthodontics.
Dr. Raiyani at Hanford Family Dental Center is committed to helping each patient enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. This commitment makes a difference that can be seen in our process. Dr. Raiyani always takes time to consult in-depth with a patient before any recommendations for treatments are made. He never recommends procedures he feels will not assist you in achieving your cosmetic dentistry goals. We also not only help each patient maximize their insurance benefits, but also offer an interest-free, flexible payment plan. This provides an opportunity for everyone to achieve their dental goals!

Let us help you love the smile in the mirror! Call (559) 530-8080 today.

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