Advanced Dental Technology – Hanford, CA

Phenomenal Results Using Leading-Edge Technology

Each year, new dental technology comes on the scene, improving patient experience as well as treatment accuracy, planning, and precision. At Hanford Family Dental Center, we strive to equip our office with the latest, clinically proven diagnostic dental technology available here in Hanford to ensure our patients are always receiving the top-notch care they deserve. We invite you to read more about some of the high-tech instruments we have in our dental practice below.

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding a metal dental laser device

Our soft tissue diode laser allows our dentists in Hanford to do away with the traditional scalpel and sutures, replacing them with a precise and pain-less beam of light. We can use this instrument for a variety of procedures, including frenectomies for lip and tongue-ties and gum recontouring, among others. Because the laser cauterizes the area on-contact, patients are able to benefit from less post-operative bleeding and discomfort, a reduced risk of infection, and faster healing times.  

Digital Dental Impressions

Dental patient having digital impressions of his teeth taken

Gag-inducing, putty impressions are a technique of the past. With our advanced iTero digital impression system, our team is able to comfortably and effortlessly capture a 3D, lifelike digital blueprint of your smile by simply waving a wand around your mouth. The process can be completed in less than a few minutes, making the getting a restoration, prosthetic, mouthguard, or occlusal splint simpler than ever.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam scanner standing against wall of dental office

In more extensive treatments, or in an effort to diagnose complex oral issues like TMJ disorder, we may take a cone beam CT scan of your facial structure. This highly advanced device allows our dentists to view your entire facial anatomy, including the location of your sinuses, your jawbone density, and your facial nerves. This makes surgical procedures like dental implant placement less risky, as our team is able to create a detailed treatment plan to achieve the absolute best results possible.

Intraoral Camera

Gloved hand holding a thin white intraoral camera

At your routine checkups, we may bring out our intraoral camera to provide us with a more detailed, crisper image of hard-to-see areas of your mouth. This device is a small, pen-shaped wand with a camera on the end of it that we can easily maneuver around the mouth to capture live video footage as well as still images. Not only is our intraoral camera an excellent clinical tool, but it’s also a wonderful way to educate our patients, as it allows us to provide a visual explanation to what we’re explaining to you.