Root Canal Treatment – Hanford, CA

Erase Your Pain with Root Canal Treatment

Root canals have a bad reputation of causing pain, when in reality, they actually cure it. The discomfort associated with this treatment is actually due to the infection that’s burrowed deep within the inner chamber of the tooth, attacking the vulnerable nerves and soft tissue located there. We strive to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, ensuring you’re numb before we begin and providing you with any comfort amenities we can to help you feel relaxed. The end result of root canal treatment in Hanford is that you get to keep your natural tooth and it will no longer hurt!

Why Choose Hanford Family Dental Center for Root Canal Treatment?

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What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning the inside of a tooth during root canal treatment

Root canals are typically two-step processes. First, we’ll access the inside of the affected tooth by making a small window in the top biting surface of it. We’ll then use a special device to remove the infected pulp within the inner chamber and sanitize it to ensure no harmful bacteria linger. Using a tooth-colored substance called gutta percha, we’ll fill the tooth to restore its structure and place a temporary crown atop it. As soon as your permanent restoration arrives from our dental laboratory, we’ll call you back in to secure it atop your treated tooth.