Tooth Extractions – Hanford, CA

Preserve Your Oral Health by Removing Severely Damaged Teeth

While tooth extractions in Hanford are typically not our first treatment option, there are instances in which a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair. Instead of letting the issue fester and spread, we may recommend removing the troublesome tooth and replacing it with an implant crown or traditional bridge. This way, you can enjoy a complete, healthy smile that doesn’t cause you pain or stress. Call our office today to schedule an emergency dental appointment if you’re experiencing severe oral discomfort.

Why Choose Hanford Family Dental Center for Tooth Extractions?

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When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

We want you to enjoy a natural smile for your entire life whenever possible, which is why we don’t recommend tooth extractions in Hanford lightly. However, in certain cases where we believe that it’s the best options for your long-term oral health, we may:

  • A tooth is decayed and cannot be effectively repaired with a dental filling or crown.
  • Gum disease has eroded the supportive structures of your tooth, leaving it loose and compromised.
  • An infection is at risk of spreading to surrounding teeth and cannot be treated.
  • A tooth is impacted below the gumline.
  • In order to undergo orthodontic treatment, teeth have to be removed to allow enough space in your arch for the others to become aligned.