Dr. Raiyani is proud of the office he has designed for his patients. One of the ways in which we meet your family’s dental needs is by using the latest knowledge and technology.

Some of the technologies used at Hanford Family Dental Care include:

Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays allow us to gather accurate information with fifty percent less exposure to radiation than conventional x-ray equipment. Images can be used for analysis from one visit to the next, enabling us to monitor the development of dental conditions, or developing jaw and teeth.

Laser cavity detection (DIAGNOdent)

The DIAGNOdent laser cavity finder detects cavities before the naked eye and even before an x-ray. Uncovering decay in its earliest form allows us to be most conservative in our manner of care. Often, the early detection of cavities leads to painless treatment without the need for local anesthetic.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera does more than capture images of teeth; it takes a real-time video of teeth and the oral structure as a whole. The information gathered via our intraoral camera can be shared with you so that you have in-depth knowledge of your own teeth and the dental concerns you may be facing, such as decay or a cracked filling.