Our patients are the most important part of our practice! Dr. Raiyani and his staff go above and beyond to serve our patients' dental needs. View testimonials from past and current patients to learn more about our team and our office.

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Recent Patient Reviews

"Dr. Raiyani is awesome! Always professional and very caring. The whole staff is fabulous, I have no complaints at all. By far the best dental office I've been to and will stay definitely will keep coming back to Dr.Raiyani."

- Barabad Christal
"I am phobic when it comes to dentist. I am so afraid I have been to one in 3 years. I had a root canal and a crown.No pain what so ever!!!! I don't know if that's typical but for me it's heaven!!!. I'll be going back!!!"

- Darin Ellis
"I had an awesome experience when I went to have some dental work done. This sounds weird since I was at the dentist. The dental staff were amazing and did great work, they make you feel comfortable and explain what they are doing. The office staff always make you feel welcome and make you feel at home."

- Paul Gonzales
"I really loved my experience at the Hanford Family Dental Center. The staff was nice and the Doctors were professional and very caring of my needs. I would recommend this practice to all my friends and co-workers."

- Denise Cooper
"Great staff. Love the care."

- Andrade Guadalupe
"I absolutely love it there! From the beginning, they've always made me feel comfortable. Now I look forward to going and getting work done. Staff is friendly. Dentists are nice. Highly recommended."

- Monica Gonzalez
"I first went to western dental. That should be enough but I'll explain further. Western dental really sucks. I was so turned off that I gave up on having a healthy mouth. I found this place on accident because Google messed up. I was set up for an appointment by a very nice person. I walked in an was greeted by another nice person. Everyone was nice. There wasn't a bunch of screaming little snot nosed kids being allowed to roam free by a bunch of irresponsible, degenerate, sperm donating, baby making adults. Ugh. I was impressed by the TVs in the room. nice call. It makes it less annoying to have someone digging in your mouth when "love it or list it" is on. Love that freaking show. Anyways. All of the staff were really nice and informative. The doctor was cool also. Going to the dentist sucks bad but it doesn't suck as bad when you walk into a place that has their shit together. Keep it up guys."

- Carl Nichols
"I Just had a tooth filled , It had been over 20 years since I had my teeth drilled on and I was super nervous. The Dr. made me feel at ease and made sure I was well numbed up before starting in. He did a great job."

- Ron Gooler
"Wonderful and friendly staff. Hygienist was careful, took her time so it was almost a painless cleaning. Dentist was friendly and took his time to discuss things with you."

- Heather Thomas
"Dr. Raiyani is wonderful dentist I have just great experience with him and all staff, he is very friendly kind and great as a person and as a doctor, very smart and compassion and take care of all your needs and most important honest. I'm very grateful to have a dentist as a Dr. Raiyani!!!!! Thank you doctor and all your staff!!!!!"

- Eibruner Bruner
"Dr. Raiyani is a fantastic dentist. He and his staff are courteous, knowledgeable, friendly and caring. My son had a dental emergency and Dr. Raiyani welcomed us even though we were not "his" patients at the time - our whole family switched to Hanford Family Dental as a result! We have had multiple positive experiences and will continue to return to Hanford Family Dental for our dental needs."

- Heather Johnston
"Dr. Raiyani is a very caring and compassionate dentist. He is gentle, professional, extremely competent and efficient. He has employed an exceptionally knowledgeable and proficient staff who warmly greet everyone who comes in and answered all my questions on the spot. And their phone etiquette is just amazing! It is very apparent that the staff is completely supported by Dr. Raiyani and in turn treat us, the patients, courteously and with great respect. Fear of Dentist? No problem. Doctor and staff will put all those fears to rest. Emergency treatment? Again, no problem! Doctor is always available if you need him. And his treatment costs are very affordable!!! I would recommend Dr. Raiyani to all who are in need of dental care - you will receive a most effective treatment plan, be fully apprised of what to expect as well as the cost, receive EXCELLENT dental care and walk away with a beautiful smile...just like I did! Sincerely, Rose Vega"

- Granny Lemoore
"Courteous and friendly staff. The remodel is a great improvement!"

- A Google User
"Staff very friendly and doctor explained everything,so I could understand...also have great hours."

- Eugene Austin
"I believe I will be very happy with the services here at Hanford family dental. I like the staff here. It is close to my work as well. I also would like to thank my co-workers for a great recommendation, Celia Rodriguez and Natalie Zabala. Thank you very much."

- Ralph A Dailey Jr
"I am happy with my dental care with Dr. Rayani."

- Anonymous
"Very friendly."

- Carlos
"This was my second visit to your office. The first in which was an emergency situation with my husband. I must tell you everyone is so very nice, and they make you feel very comfortable. Everyone in your office is helpful and compassionate. I would recommend you to anyone."

- Mozelle Brewer
"Dr. Raiyani is an excellent dentist."

- Gilda
"Just back from my 6 mo. check. What a pleasant experience. I received prompt friendly attention and with such kindness. All staff is cheerful and upbeat. Great dentist!"

- Natalie
"Prompt, friendly & professional service provided by everyone!"

- R Lane Hansen
"Office assists are the best around."

- Paul Child

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