Family practice offers Hanford, CA residents after hours emergency dental care!

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Hanford Family Dental Center offers Hanford, CA residents after hours emergency dental care!
Every parent knows that eventually, there will be an emergency with their child. Sometimes, that can be a dental emergency. As a parent himself, Dr. Raiyani wants to help make his patients’ lives just a little easier. Parenting is tough! That’s why he offers emergency dental care services at Hanford Family Dental Center, in Hanford, CA. If you are searching for the services of an emergency dentist, please give us a call!

Types of dental emergencies:

  • Objects stuck in between teeth: If you have gotten something stuck between your teeth, attempt removing it with dental floss. Do this carefully to avoid cutting the gums. If this doesn’t work, do not attempt removing it with a sharp or pointed instrument such as a pin.
  • Broken tooth: Gently clean the injured area with warm water. Use cold compresses on the outside of the face to reduce swelling. Contact us immediately.
  • Knocked-out tooth: If needed, rinse the tooth gently, but do not scrub it. Either attempt holding the tooth into the socket or place the tooth in a cup of milk. Call immediately. If seen shortly after a tooth is lost, it is sometimes possible to re-insert it.
  • Infected tooth (severe tooth-ache): Clean out debris in the mouth with warm water. Use dental floss to clean between the teeth. Use cold compresses on the outside of the mouth to reduce swelling. Do not use heat as this can make pain worse. Call our office immediately for further assistance.

How we can help:

We have the expert knowledge and diagnostic tools to resolve your dental emergency with prompt attention. When you call us, we can give you the expert advice needed as well as get you into to see us within the same day if possible. Even after-hours, we provide excellent instructions on the next step to take, whether that is to head to your emergency room or to visit our office the following a.m.

Let us help you with your family’s dental needs. Call us anytime day or night. (559) 530-8080

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